CubeLab Media & Productions is about being a creative outlet. A place I, as the artist, can come and post my work and make general updates.

Somewhere along the line I started making this website about services I can offer. Lost my focus. It became about the money and about my projects.

CLMP is about inspiration. It’s about trying something new. I’ll be posting new things here in the near future that are not what you’d think. CG renders, graphic novel frames and all sorts of things.

My two main projects for the coming future are “Deadland Chronicles” and “Hunter’s Lineage”.

Deadland Chronicles is a graphic novel that will be released for free to read on the web. It is being done using many programs (Nevercenter Silo, Blender, Poser, Photoshop, SketchUp) and hopefully will be something entertaining to read as well as inspirational.

Hunter’s Lineage  is a written story that will be released as a digital download as a monthly serial. Each release will be sold for on the Amazon marketplace, Barnes & Noble and Apple Store. It’s not a novel, it’s a serial. It’s an ongoing series.

These will, hopefully, be my focus for projects in the near future taking on little extra. I will also be blogging on my personal blog regularly. Once it’s no longer pointing at LinkedIn that is.

That is all. Move along now.