I’ve been struggling on the “hair front” for the graphic novel, Deadland Chronicles, for some time. I’ve bounced around from using all Blender to Daz Studio to makeHuman … nothing seemed to work for the longest time.

Happily, I’ve gotten further on this than I hoped. Here is a short progression of tests.


This was a test as I was planning on using Daz Studio. So I needed a mesh=rendered hair. Not the best … actually, it’s pretty embarrassingly bad.



This was taking what I tried in my previous and make it work better. The result, while not ideal, did give me some hope that I wasn’t wasting time. Using Blender.



Trying to use a hair technique used by Henrik Ryosa in his upcoming project, Brute, the result was albeit interesting but really not what I was looking for. It did, however, push a few of my Blender skills a bit and helped me to learn a few new tools that I didn’t know Blender had.

This was simply put extruding faces individually, smoothing and closing the ends to make big chunks. Finally, using the cloth modifier to make it fall.



Finally - I abandoned Daz Studio (which I would need to export a mesh) and fully embraced a Blender/makeHuman pipeline. I can now use the hair particle tools to make some pretty convincing looking hair.

The results I think are the best - not perfect but with a few tweaks could be pretty outstanding for this graphic novel.


And there we have it. A few interesting tests of different hair. I’m excited to see where I can take it from here!