As a constant dreamer of stories I have a lot going on in the ol’ brain. Different stories, angles and characters weave themselves through out my sub-conciseness likes ants through the anthill.

Sometimes this can be a great thing. It helps me to solidify a story, plot of idea and gives me a chance to explore different avenues. It gives a character life and makes he or she likable. It personifies the villain and proves to me why they’re despicable.

However, more often it muddies the water. Causes me to bounce around from idea to idea without landing and gives me trouble focusing the story. This is death to any writer.

Today marks the start of a new way for me to write. I’m setting down the pen for a few weeks and will start pushing myself to create a fairly detailed “item map” for a story. This includes characters, sub-characters, plots and scenes.

This will, I hope, help me to focus on the the story and know where things sit and how they fit. I can explore the characters and plots just as much, but will help me to focus instead of writing random on a sheet of paper. That may work for some folks, but not for this guy.

What do you think? Is this a good way to approach writing?