The low poly artwork style has become one of the newest fads to hit the 3D world. It’s a faux-illustrative style that uses flat colors and very little heavy detail. It often feels like origami - folded and cut.

I actually have fallen into a fascination with this method. It’s inviting. It has the ability to tell a story, but leave enough to supposition. There is a quirky, playful feel that just appeals to my imagination.

Recently I created a fun little scene using Blender. It took me about an hour to model, texture and render the scene which is really quick. The above scene is simply titled “Low Poly Scene”. I started off following a tutorial and quickly abandoned to take it in a different direction. The final results were better than I anticipated.

After this was finished, I decided to take it a step further. Opening the delightfully easy to use Unity 3D I was able to import the assets from Blender (exported as FBX files) and set up a quick scene to run around in. It took less than half an hour to put it all together in Unity, add some custom collisions so people won’t fall off the world, run through trees and can sit on the bench.