Everybody gets annoyed when a company announces an amazing game, software, or piece of hardware but then never follows through on it. I have backed Kickstarter campaigns myself that have all gone the way of the dodo. We affectionately call this type of product “vaporware”. This is hardware or software that is announced, never sees the light of day, and is never officially canceled. Some of you may now be feeling that way about a few of the announcements coming out of the lab.

I want to apologize for this. As one of the lab assistants and brains behind all things code, from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. We are sorry. We are not getting off to a great start here. I know you are not looking for excuses, but I have to provide some context to the past few months.

Tadd and I began this year with every intention of giving our followers something to play. Something to keep you intrigued while we worked on other titles. We have yet to do this. We had a few great ideas, one of which is near completion, but may be delayed indefinitely. So what happened? I am solely responsible for this. Tadd did some amazing work getting me the 2D assets I needed for the game, created artwork to promote the game, and even wrote some wonderful blogs about it. I, however, hit a wall. It all started with working on a tight release schedule, pushing up against two vacations I was taking. Then we delayed. My creativity took a turn for the worse as I prepped for a final summer vacation. I had every intention of finishing as soon as I came back….

This wonderful vacation ended with a call from the fire department. They responded to a 911 call at my father’s condo. He was found, unresponsive, by his neighbor. He had passed away. The guy who raised me and showed me the true joy of computers and electronics was gone. While I still know he is watching over me and wants me to continue…my joy for Air Aahhh!!!! has waned.

So does this mean I am done?! That could not be further from the truth. Tadd and I have discussed this, and I am more invigorated than ever! Air Aahhh!!!! may never see the light of day, we have other projects in the works. It is too soon to announce anything concrete. But rest assured, we have something coming. I am also putting together some video tutorials about programming in general as well as using Unity 3D to create games. These things are taking time because it is my first attempt at creating video tutorials, as well as teaching these concepts.

So, enough with the excuses. Please, be patient. Let us regroup. Be on the look out for tutorials, podcasts, and more developer blogs! And thank you for your continued support!