There are those days where you feel as if you can take the world by storm. Nothing can stop you. The door rips off the hinges as you bolt from your room, heart pumping excitedly.

Then there are days in which the alarm goes off way earlier than you recall setting it. The only thing keeping you from throwing the annoying, beeping contraption out the nearest window is the fact it’s also your cell phone. Rolling out of bed the bed you can’t recall climbing into, you manage to go down the steps like a slinky. I wonder if I’m the only one feeling like an extra zombie from The Walking Dead.

CubeLab Media has been moving in leaps and bounds. We’re not to the point we’d like to be, but it’s in full movement phase. No news, in this case, doesn’t mean we’re stagnant. It just means we’re awfully busy!

Project X

Jon and I have been meeting via Google Hangout for the last several weeks, planning out things for our future project we can simply refer to as “Project X” at this point.  We’ve been going live every Friday. We bounce ideas off, talk about new things we’re up to, etc etc. It’s been very good for planning out his project.


As stated, we’re doing meetings every Friday. These have been consisting of talking Lab news related, projects, etc. It lasts about an hour and you can view the last few on our YouTube Playlist here. My wife says we’re funny, interesting, and tend to ramble off topic. I can only agree. She’s always right.


Unlike the LabMeetings, the LabCast has fallen a bit to the wayside. HOWEVER, I’m planning on picking these up once again. They will be short 10 - 15 minute podCasts that will recap the LabMeeting and maybe expound on things that may or may not have been explained during the meeting. Expect these to hit soon. If you watch the LabMeetings, you can also listen to the LabCast as it very well may give you new insights on things we’re doing.

Other Projects

As with most groups, we’re doing a lot of things behind the scenes. Jon bought some awesome CubeLab Media t-shirts. We’ve got business cards coming, and so much more. If you watch our LabCasts you’ll notice we have some swanky looking name plates and such that we’re using. We’re looking quite legit, I must say.

Old projects are being placed on hold, such as Air Aahhh!!!!, Bitter Balloons, and Hello Hydro. We plan on picking them up in some capacity in the future, but we’re focusing energies on Project X to completion.

Jon will also be presenting at a conference in December. More news on that soon.

In Conclusion

We have a lot planned. We have a lot in store, and we’re working hard to get things really moving! Watch for more updates as we continue to grow!