Hello, friends! Today, I’d like to announce, we’re officially cleaning up this site. It’s been kind of sparse, as well as unfocused. It’s time we roll up our sleeves and get things moving! We need to get a better focus on what we’re achieving, and produce more content than you can shake a BBQ shrimp at!

A few categories have been removed. No long are we showing portfolio pieces. When originally planned, CubeLab Media was going to be an emporium of stuff that I (Tadd) did. But as C.L.M. grew, it became less about what I do, and more about what Jon Price and I think up.

If you still want to see some of those pieces, go over to my personal site at www.taddmencer.com and I’ll be posting them (and other portfolio like pieces) there.

So, as we bare knuckle box this site into order, please forgive the re-build mess. It will be straightened up soon. A phoenix will rise from the ashes. Take wing, and swoop down to eat a neighbor’s sheep. But hey, it’s not our fault! That sheep looked pretty tasty - and it deserved it!

Until next time …