Let’s be honest here. You already knew we’re all over the map. It’s not like this is new.

Jon and I have been hard at work. Not productive on what we want to do, but hard at work. We have a 9-5 day job that takes a lot of our creative and cognitive energy. We have families that we want to be sure to spent time with. We’ve both experiences life-sucking zombie-colds that just won’t leave us alone.

Then, Epic’s Unreal engine launched with their new, free, option. CubeLab Media announces abandoning Unity3D, and begins the process anew (See: LabMeeting - March 6). So, we’ve just been super swamped! We’re starting to get our bearings. It will take a bit to learn Unreal Engine, transfer models, and rebuild maps. It’s already looking pretty dang awesome, but it’s still slow going.

If you want to support us, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube .. we could use that support and would be a tremendous encouragement us.

So, we’re sorry. We’re not trying to be slow. But this is worth it and you’ll love us at the end.