Do you hear those crickets? See the tumbleweed rolling by. Realizing it’s been almost a year since we’ve had an update, there is only one thing we can do.

We admit defeat. 

Don’t get me wrong, CubeLab Media has not called it quits. It hasn’t thrown in the towel, hung up our gloves, and stopped fighting. In the case of creating one of the most epic games known to man, we admit our sullen defeat.

Let’s make something clear. MARCUS will still happen at some point. So many projects are on the “board” it’s almost impossible to stay with it!

An honest retrospective.

We  did way too much, way too fast. Rather than taking it slow. Build a few small games to get our feet wet (other than Circus Big Pop Lite by The C2 Group). But, we went for the gaming jugular and drowned in our attempt. Flipping from one game SDK to another. Trying new methods before we were comfortable with the first. Attempting to write everything from scratch. It all bit us in the digital behinds.

What’s Next.

We’re regrouping. It has been a rough year. Time constraints, traveling, and just life in general, it’s become clear. A different approach is necessary. What that will look like in the coming weeks, we’re not sure. This site will stay up. I’m hoping it becomes more active (more posts, for example).

There are many, many ideas rolling around. Which ones get brought to light is not yet determined. We’re not dead. Just contemplating.