Often we look at the future and wonder what’s in store. We daydream about what is to come. Whether it’s how we look physically, what our bank account shows, or what home we live in. We sit back and wonder how it would taste to be eating high priced steak for breakfast, or place the latest game console on a 4k 70” Samsung™ TV.

Maybe that’s just me.

But where does that get us?

In reality, we daydream, but rarely make it. We sit back and want to claim these are reality, or as promises from God or the Universe or whatever you happen to believe in. But we just sit back and wait for someone to hand us a big fat Publishing Clearing House™ check.

Nowhere. Fast.

Promises promises

I’ve said this in previous posts that I have plans. And usually I state the projects on my docket and say how much I’m doing, and then months or even years go by and I don’t show anything. This year will be different. Because I’m not going to reveal anything until I have something to show.

No more empty promises.