I gotta say, it’s been a busy few months here at the Lab as I’ve been trying to build up the courage and energy. Winter is always a hard time of year for so many creative minded people. The lack of warmth and sun saps the will and leaves on depressed and meloncolly.

However, recently I found myself alone in my office. Everyone was gone for spring break and other than the cat, Suki, not another living soul was within the Lab.

So I did what I always tend to do when no one is around.

I get creative!

I pulled my microphone out of hiding, shut the door, opened up a nice Google Doc, and wrote a script. I figured it was time to do something new. Stretch my ‘skills’ in a new direction. So I pulled together a few old friends and created the following recording:

Who are these people?

Admittingly, these are all voices and characters I created in the course of the last few years playing Dungeons & Dragons or just being a goof. I’m not ashamed to say I giggled as I listened back and enjoyed every second of this experiment.

And it’s one I’ll continue to do!