In the recent weeks, Samurai Owl and I (Thaddius) have been working on a game. And it’s not just any ol’ game built in any ol’ system.

We’re making a gave in Roblox.

I know what you may be thinking.

Roblox? Isn’t that the little kid Lego wanna-be thing?

Well, yes. In a way. At least that’s what I thought too. And when the menagerie (my kids) wanted to get into it, I naturally felt it was my fatherly duty to get into it as well. Play the games my kids are playing, make sure it’s safe and all that.

Let me start by saying that there is some toxicity in Roblox. So block chats for kids. Because it’s not really a super wholesome place. You put a bunch of people together, it will get nasty. While Roblox does block swearing and bullying in general, it’s still there with rude, insulting people ripping each other up and down. It’s toxic. The menagerie agreed it was better for them to not see the in-game chat than be subject to that nonsense.

Back to the post.

We’ve started to build a game. Roblox Studio allows people to make their own games within the Roblox ecosystem. I have to say, when I first started messing around with this I was dumbfounded. It was stupid. It was blocky and boring. But the more games I played the more I started to enjoy the simplicity. And I marveled at how ingenious people are at making pretty fun games with a very simple system.

We’re not ready to announce the game just yet. But it mixes a lot of styles together to make something that I hope is unique and enjoyable enough for people to play.