Let’s try this again and again

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After 101 false starts, CubeLab Media is trying again. I’m trying again. If it’s one thing I’ve learned from being quarantined for 97 years it’s that you need to make use of all the time you have. I’m still remotely working a full-time job, which is good. It’s not like suddenly there is a plethora of free time to execute on plans. However, not having to drive to an office or wake up extra early to beat the traffic has allowed some extra time.

So now what?

I have a lot of projects in the air and I think it would be only fair to discuss those here.


Several months ago, before the world turned into the walking disease, I had started a podcast called “Write Box”. The intention of this podcast was to talk about storytelling and writing. I had hoped to post monthly tips and tricks for people. Whether it was just story writing or any creativity. The sad fact is, I felt there wasn’t enough material to talk about monthly that hadn’t already been covered a million times over from other, much more qualified, people.

So, with that in mind, the name of the podcast is changed from WriteBox to The LabCast PodCast. It still has all the old episodes, but it’s pretty much going to be whatever CubeLab Media is working on at that point. It’s linked in the top navigation.

And also here The LabCast PodCast

The LabCast

Speaking of The LabCast, did you know that it’s also a YouTube channel?

that’s right! The LabCast will be the channel where gaming videos are posted. So far there is a series of “Building a Minecraft World” where Thaddius Lord (that’s me) starts a world from scratch and attempts to join a village, expand, and explore. Right now that series has 14 episodes, and more shows are in the world. Please subscribe to help build the channel! The LabCast on Youtube


So this is where I deviate from what CLM has done in the past. There is no indication that it was going to happen, but … hey, here we are. 2020 – the year of surprises.

GreyHalo was a band that I was part of eons ago. Sadly, most of the members left and I took a long 15-year break to raise a family. Recently, Samurai Owl encouraged me to start writing music again, and so .. I did. The first single, Re:New, is now available pretty much anywhere you buy music. All of the previously recorded music is available on the official BandCamp account.

You can also find Re:New at any online distributor. Here is a link that will hopefully help you find it where you like to find music!

I’m building a website to help promote this endeavor, and I already have 4 songs in the works right now. Stay tuned.

Samurai who?

Ok, that’s a name you’ve never heard! Samurai Owl is the online name my eldest uses to promote his brand. He’s also a musician and makes gaming videos. He’s become part of the CLM Family, though he doesn’t need my help. However, he’s graciously come on board to help out, join in some co-endeavors, and pretty much be a stand-up guy.

Don’t you have other kids?

Why yes, I do! Black_Hole50 and I are working on a Terraria series for The LabCast Youtube channel. GodzillaDojo and I … well, I don’t want to spoil anything there.

Other stuff


I had always wanted to make video games. But the harder I tried, the more I realized it wasn’t going to happen. Making games is hard, ya’ll! I don’t have time to dedicate myself to create the things I want right now. So until more time and resources are found, I have to put those on hold.


The schedule for the YouTube videos was originally twice a week. As the world devolved into chaos, I’ve stopped posting. There was a lot of noise out there, and I didn’t feel like it was a good time to post. Black lives do matter, and I wanted the focus to be on the racism in the world, not my gameplay videos.

However, in July I’ll start posting every Monday a Minecraft video. Once Black_Hole50 and I get several episodes of Terraria under our belt, I’ll put those on Thursday.

Anything else?

This world had gone crazy. From a pandemic to looting and riots to natural disasters to murder hornets and sniper monkeys. It’s just insane. CubeLab Media has always been, and always will be, a place that strives to build up a positive and friendly community. So if you want to be a part of this community, subscribe to the YouTube channel. Share our videos. Help us build positive, family-friendly, and hopefully entertaining content! The only way to change the world for good is to be the good you want to see. And that’s what we want to be.

In closing …

Thank you to anyone reading this. I know it’s long. I know it says a lot. But there is legit content out there now. Go check out what we’ve been doing. Encourage us by subscribing, commenting, sharing. And stay safe.

Until next time.