5 Fun First Person Shooters on Roblox to Try Out Today

When you think of Roblox, people often think it's a website made for little kids to adopt kitten or pop bubbles. They think it's filled with squeaky voices yelling about pizza being done. I still have traumatic memories of 12-year-old boys screaming obscenities, mostly about my mother, over voice chat. I don't know what they thought they were trying to accomplish, but they absolutely, did not, ever, bring me to tears. 

Crying Gamer Guy GIF
Not a reenactment. My eyes just sweat.

Reality of Roblox

Roblox actually has some really robust and fun-to-play games for all ages! I have spent hours playing various games, both with my kids and by myself. I'm not ashamed. 

One genre, in particular, has made a splash within the Robloxian ecosystem: First Person Shooters.

A first-person shooter is a style of game where you are looking through the eyes of the character you're playing. It was originally popularized by games like Wolfenstein and Doom. Later, the battle royal, player-verses-player, game Quake brought forth a new way of playing. You can find everything from sci-fi heavy Halo to military-based Call of Duty within the FPS genre. I have to say, there are some really fun first-person shooters on Roblox. 

"So what", you may ask, "are these games that I should try out?

I thought you'd never ask ...

1. BIG Paintball

BIG Paint Ball Roblox Game
BIG Paint Ball

The first on this list is a Robloxian take on paintball wars. The concept is simple: Get a gun, shoot paint at your friends. I've played paintball in real life, and this is a pretty fun recreation of the excellent wargame.

Made by BIG Games in July of 2019, it's regularly updated and can boast over 764 million visits! That is impressive!


2. Bad Business

Bad Business Roblox Game
Bad Business

Team Rudimentality really knocked it out of the park with this offering. Not only do each Robloxian player have the ability to customize their character with a slew of different items, but they have tons of weapons to unlock! I have rage quit this game more than I care to admit, but keep coming back for more. There is something magical about running and sliding while spraying the enemies with large weapons.

Last I played, they had revamped several old maps and added a handful more. They were originally published in May or 2019 and have amassed over 212 million visits. 

Play: Bad Business

3. Arsenal

Arsenal Roblox Game

Chances are, you've run across this beautiful game. Fast-paced battle royal action at its finest. ROLVe created a simple, yet amazingly modeled game with plenty of customizations that keep things fresh without giving pay-to-win players an advantage. You have a lot of things you can do, such as character skins, emojis, dances, and more as you fight for supremacy. 

This one has been on Roblox for over 5 years and has been visited a shocking 2.5 BILLION TIMES!

Play: Arsenal

4.Wild Revolvers

Wild Revolvers Roblox Game
Wild Revolvers

Well there, ya yella' belly sidewinder! If you ever fancied yourself a gunslinger, mosey on over to Wild Revolvers by Novely Studios. Here, you strap on a couple o' six-shooters and blast your way to fame!

This is a really well-designed game, making the wild west an exciting, and deadly, experience. It has it all: skins, guns, maps, modes. It's fast-paced! They called it "the hottest PVP" and they may be right!

Though they've not been played as much as the others on this list, they've pulled in a respectable 95 million visits since its launch in August of 2017. 

Play: Wild Revolvers

5. Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces Roblox Game
Phantom Forces

Rounding out this list is Phantom Forces. This impressive, massive game has been around since 2015. If you want a game that throws you into the heat of the battle, spawning where your friends are or at a spawn point, and have massive maps, than this is the game for you. I often get lost with the sheer massive size of the maps! And that's a good thing! It avails to so many different tactics, you can't get bored playing this. StyLiS Studios created an amazing game, as well as an amazing piece of art!

The over 1 billion visits is a testament that this game is worth trying out!

Play: Phantom Forces

Honorable Mentions

There is a slew of games that could have made this list. The above are not a definitive list by far! If you've played the above and want more to whet your appetite, try these:

Are there any other games on Roblox that you wish could have gotten a shout-out? Comment below and let us know!