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Written By:Tadd

March 11, 2021

Over the years, we’ve tried to look at ways to change things up and do things differently. Because I love to try new things!

Back in September, we announced that we were selling merchandise on Redbubble. It was a proud moment for me in particular because I love designing random things and felt this was a great way to get into the world of product design.

Sadly, Redbubble really wasn’t bringing in any traffic or sales and it felt like an endeavor that wasn’t going to provide the desired effect. Nothing against Redbubble of the community. I just dont’ know if our particular style was really what that audience wanted. 

So, I’ve been researching different ways to provide these products, and it’s been decided to open our own shop on the CubeLab Media website!

Introducing: CubeLab Shop


Currently, we have one product to work through the bugs. We’ve installed a security certificate, even though all payments are through PayPal and not through this website. We’re not keeping any of that billing stuff. That’s a nightmare we don’t want to experience!

In the next several days to weeks, we’ll be introducing MUCH more into the shop, and we encourage you to let us know if there is anything you’re interested in seeing. 

Q: Will music be available in the shop?
That is a good question! At this time, all GreyHalo, Thaddius Lord, and Samurai Owl music will continue to be sold through Bandcamp, iTunes, YouTube Music, Amazon, and other platforms. In the future we may also provide this on the site. But right now, only physical items.

Q: Will you ship to [insert country]?
Right now, we’re only going to be shipping to the US. But we’ll happily add more in the future as things grow. 

Q: Are you pulling designs out of Redbubble?
By no means! Any products you see here in the shop you probably will see on Redbubble, as long as they provide the same merchandise. We’re using a different provider for our products than Redbubble on this site, so quality may be slightly different if you buy from Redbubble, but they’re both high quality and praised for their professionalism. 

We’re really excited about this new road. It’s something I (Tadd) have been looking forward to producing, as well as Samurai Owl. There may even be opportunities for some of the menagerie to add their design ideas to the mix! You never know!

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