Minecraft of Density Episode 1 : A Minecraft Adventure Begins

rikkard griffinheart minecraft of density episode 1

Written By:SADIE

August 2, 2021

So, it has begun! Rikkard Griffinheart, from the famously famous Griffinheart Family of Adventurers, starts his Minecraft adventuring in this very first episode of Minecraft of Density!

Join him as he shares family quotes like, “Rikkard, stop yelling” and other nuggets of wisdom!

He also attempts to ride a pig and introduces himself to the local chickens. And starts to build his Luxury Dirt Home while it’s still sun o’ clock.

Episode 1 :: An Adventure Begins! :: Rikkard Griffinheart in Minecraft of Density



Rikkard Griffinheart in Minecraft of Density is a fun series of Minecraft videos staring a fictional character Rikkard Griffinheart. Rikkard was originally a character voiced by actor Tadd Mencer for a live Twitch stream Dungeons & Dragons game he was part of. Sadly, that stream ended with an ill dungeon master. Tadd took this character and utilized him in other avenues, such as another Dungeons & Dragons campaign, podcasts, birthday parties, funerals … but Rikkard lives on as a Minecraft character.

Is it safe for my kids?

This is an all-ages recording and will have no swearing or dirty jokes. Yes, there may be some poop jokes. But poop happens. However, we strive to make this a family-friendly environment so it’s safe, and hopefully hilarious, for kids and adults.

Will my kids actually like this?

I hope so! I hope they laugh and giggle and yell at the screens when Rikkard does something stupid, or cheer when he successfully thwarts a pillager attack. Expect a lot of yelling, as Rikkard does a lot of corndog, hair-brained things. He can’t help himself.

Is this JUST for kids?

Cheese-wiz no! There are fans of all ages, genders, races, shapes, sizes … this is meant to be a fun show for everyone! Even you! Yes, you. I see you sitting there, reading this, thinking to yourself, “Oh this can’t be for me. I’ll probably just go and watch something else that’s not as entertaining.” Well, the joke’s on you! This is the most entertaining thing a blue, air-headed, son of a genie will ever do in a Minecraft world!

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