GreyHalo’s New Music – Derelict – Coming May 29

GreyHalo - Derelict Announcement - New Music

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May 16, 2021
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GreyHalo proudly presents their latest music endeavor, Derelict! Coming May 29, 2021, to streaming services that you probably use all the time! So mark your calendars, Saints, as GreyHalo brings you down a path of mass destruction! Hot off the release of their last single, Until They Rise, GreyHalo wasted little time taking what they learned and applied it to their new track. Combining the roots in hard rock with electronic flare and orchestral undertones, GreyHalo’s next song will be a surefire hit with the fans.

Cousin It - Headbanging

Even Cousin It is a fan of the new GreyHalo song

GreyHalo’s Derelict – Coming May 29

a destitute homeless social misfit

“It’s not that GreyHalo keeps evolving,” frontman and sole-member Thaddius said, “but morelike growing, expanding, and changing. Ok, maybe that’s evolving. Whatevs, man.”

What is this music about?

This song speaks about the old hurts and decisions coming back to haunt us. Our poor choices, which we thought were long in the past, rearing their ugly heads. Trying to drag us back into an ugly past. But we’re not bound to our past. And we’re not alone.

These shadows of old
Have turned on me
And they left me to bleed
I cannot forget
I thought I was free
But they turned on me
They turned on me

New Music ready for presaving!

Pre-save the single now on Spotify to be alerted as soon as it’s released! It’s also available for pre-ordering on iTunes if that’s your thing.


We are not derelicts. 

We have a home.

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