Life does it’s thing

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November 27, 2017
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If you’ve not already realized it, CubeLab Media has been dead in the water for over a year. Not a peep other than maybe a few Twitter posts/retweets. And I admit, that’s kind of a dink move. Especially for anyone who was watching the Lab Meetings, or reading about projects.

There is a lot to say about that. The biggest thing is:

Life is rough!

Seriously. Rough.

Long story short, I (Thaddius) went through a job change and that really soaked up all my free time. I didn’t even play every day video games as much. Just no time.

And every time I tried to get back out there, it was like I hit an invisible wall. And I couldn’t get past.

How freakin’ depressing, right?!

giphy1 • Life does it's thing

Get back on that bike, yo!

As I sat around a table with two of my sons, and two of my nephews I realized something. I really like to create new things. I rolled to attack them with a black dragon wyrmling and realized, I really like playing games and telling stories.

I was made to write stories. Whatever that medium may be, it’s gotta be done.

Here’s the thing: I need to do this. I can’t sit around and stare at a screen with the thoughts that it will get done if I just wish hard enough. So I’m doing it.

Shia Labeauf inspires me to JUST DO IT

But I need ya’ll to get on my case! Tweet me if I’m not keeping in touch! Hit me up @cubelabmedia  and tell me that you want an update.

I may not be working on the next big video game. but I need to start doing something or I fear I’ll crumble like the drying autumn leaves.

So let’s build new worlds. Together.

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