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Written By:Tadd

July 6, 2021

If we’ve made anything clear here at The Lab, it’s that we love, LOVE music! We love to make music. From hard rock to electronic to weird, eclectic deep-focus style music. We just really enjoy different styles! they tell a story, all on their own. Even without lyrics! We have released a LOT of tunes! It was only a matter of time until we decided to create a Spotify playlist to showcase music from Samurai Owl, Thaddius Lord, and GreyHalo.

The LabCast Spotify Playlist

We’re really excited to showcase this list as it had all the music we’ve released! We’ll be keeping it updated whenever new songs or albums are released, so be sure to subscribe!

In other music news

Samurai Owl has been working hard as writing music, it gets hard to keep track! But if you go over to his Bandcamp account, you can check out tunes that have yet to make it to Spotify!

Check it out »

Thaddius Lord released a new song, complete with a weird visual music video. If you like, be sure to like and subscribe to that if you enjoy it!

Much more music is in the works and we’re really excited! Samurai Owl has been working on tutorials for using Vital, the Spectral warping wavetable synth. Thaddius Lord may also start creating a few tutorials on how he writes music for GreyHalo and his solo music. A lot of good things are coming.


Finally, if you could, go to the following YouTube channels and subscribe. It would mean a lot to us, encourage us, and help the algorithms do their thing to help support our musical endeavors.

Samurai Owl »
Thaddius Lord »
GreyHalo »
The LabCast »

Thanks for all the support! We have a lot up our collective sleeves! Hopefully, we can share soon!

Until then! Take care!

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