Minecraft Menagerie – The Manor

minecraft menagerie the manor 001

Written By:LordThaddius

December 2, 2021

Hey, it’s me .. Thaddius Lord! I wrestled the computer away from Rikkard for a quick update on a server I’ve been playing with my boys (the Menagerie). Builds, auto farms, etc. Check it out and let us know what you think and what we should build next!

Our new series will hopefully begin in 2022, “Minecraft Menagerie” in which I, Thaddius Lord, am joined by gamers Samurai Owl, BlackHole_50, and GodzillaDojo. We’ll be using a few mods to help make it unique to other Minecraft Let’s Plays, but also fun and adventurous and easy to follow!

Minecraft Menagerie – The Manor – 001 – Let’s Play

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