Minecraft of Density Episode 15 : The Devil’s Nosehair


Written By:SADIE

November 8, 2021
In today’s episode of Minecraft of Density: Those dratted dogs! We all knew they would be trouble! They’re very pushy, and boy did they push our faithful hero, Rikkard, into deep trouble this time!

Down into the depths, he was plunged. Zombies attack him at every turn. Like a “slay one get three free” zombie sale at Zombies-R-Us!

Will the adventurer finally find his way out again? Will all his pups return home with him? Will this be the end of our blue swashbuckler?

NOTE: It is with deep regret that we didn’t babysit Rikkard close enough and he messed up some audio settings. Yes, the audio is off. We tried to fix it, but sometimes this guy .. I tell you what. – The Management

Episode 15 : The Devil’s Nosehair : Minecraft of Density, Starring Rikkard Griffinheart

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