Minecraft of Density Episode 16 : Let’s Ride!

rikkard griffinheart minecraft of density episode16

Written By:SADIE

November 17, 2021

This Minecraft adventure is going to be a little different. Rikkard is going to build a house today.

And no, you’re not going to sit there bored to tears waiting for him to go run out, gather, place a block one at a time in grueling details. We decided to try a new style where we timelapse a bunch of stuff.

After this, Rikkard decided to take good ol’ Theodore out for a ride to discover things farther than he would have if he just walked his little blue legs. That’s tiring work!

So, if you enjoy this type of building montage (that’s a big word for basically a clip show) let us know as Rikkard has a lot more work to do on his world. And we really don’t want to bore people with a slow-building of a farm or something.

Episode 16 : Let’s Ride! : Minecraft of Density, Starring Rikkard Griffinheart

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