It's in our DNA

It’s the songs we sing

“As the first dawn slowly crept it’s way over the snow-peaked mountains, a simple tune could be heard. Not raucous and loud, but simple and pure. It was then the first song was played at the rise of creation.”

Music is part of who we are. A song is always playing. Whether it’s from the radio, a show or movie, or just the sounds of tires on warm summer pavement. And we strive to write what we hear in our heads. The tempo that causes our feet to tap. 

We are music makers.

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GreyHalo is an unabashed coalescence of rock, electronic, and metal. Conducted by music aficionado, Thaddius Lord, who was the original and only remaining member of the Michigan-based band.

Thaddius has been hectic writing and recording an epitome of resonance and rage

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Samurai Owl

Samurai Owl is a Tyto Alba (Barn owl) and electronic music producer who has always had an ear for music. He finished his first EP, 1ND13 G4M3R, in 2019 and published shortly after. 

Any feedback, positive or negative, is accepted. Constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged.

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