New Minecraft Webseries has begun!

Rikkard Griffinheart in a New Minecraft Webseries has begun!

Written By:SADIE

July 21, 2021

Join Rikkard Griffinheart, the beloved air genasi, on his journey into the unknown cubed world of Minecraft!

Join us, every Monday, for

Rikkard Griffinheart in Minecraft of Density!

Never before has anything like this been accomplished! I mean, how many YouTubers can say they have a freakin’ descendent of a djinn playing Minecraft for them? Yeah, count them! NONE! Just us! And we’re super excited for this as Rikkard is not only hilarious but just a decent fella.

Rikkard Griffinheart: Greetings! I’m Rikkard Griffinheart, of the famous Griffinheart Family of Adventurers! I’m extremely pleased to be part of the CubeLab Media family. Venturing forth into the unknown. Battling beasts. Destroying denizens of evil. Slaying dragons and claiming it’s the bounty for myself!”

Lab Staff: That’s, not how Minecraft works, Rikkard.

Rikkard Griffinheart: What? No? But I get to fight things,  yes?

Lab Staff: Yes … there are zombies and skeletons.

Rikkard Griffinheart: Good enough! Do I get to protect villages from evil?

Lab Staff: Well .. there are villagers to protect, sure.

Rikkard Griffinheart: PERFECT!

Prepare for frustration, defeat, victory, and probably getting lost a lot.

And introducing himself to everything that holds still long enough.

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