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Written By:Tadd

September 14, 2020
Category: The Lab

We’re being super busy here at  The Lab! Let it be known that we’re not simply content with watching the world fly by while we sit here doing nothing. Well, not anymore anyway.  

A new endeavor

We like to try new things. And, because of that, we’ve decided to do something that has always been on our minds in the past. Merchandising!

And I don’t mean CubeLab Media merch. I mean, shirts that say fun, clever, or introspective things. Cool looking phone cases. Computer bags. Bags for your dice. Even mugs for coffee and/or tea!

So where can I see said stuff?

That’s pretty each! We decided to partner with Redbubble. They’ll be handling all the printing and selling of our gear for as long as they’re willing. It’s all designed by Thaddius here at the lab.

Click on the link above and tag up on Twitter @cubelabmedia or Instagram @thelabcast_clm with pictures of you wearing or utilizing said merch!

We’ll announce new stuff on our social platforms as we release them as well, so be sure to follow us!


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