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Because every little bit helps

I’m going to be honest. Dreadfully. CubeLab Media can only survive with support from amazing people like you. Our goal is to create positive, entertaining, and hopefully life changing content in a day-and-age where that sort of stuff isn’t apparent.

We can use any little bit. From encouragement to spreading the word to even a bit of the digital green stuff.

Thank you so much for even the consideration in helping us out. It means a lot to the future of CubeLab Media!


Kid with a donut

We can only afford half of a plain donut!

Ways to Give

Here are a couple of ways you can give financially to support our efforts.
Fight the good fight. Make the good stuff.

Support Us Using Ko-Fi

Ko-fi is a way for us to accept support from fans all over the world. It’s kind of like a crowd fund, but without the weirdness.

100% secure, 0% platform fees, all your money goes where you want it to!

Support Us Using PayPal

We get it, sometimes a new platform is weird PayPal has always been our go-to.

Secure, easy, and you probably have a few cents layin’ in wait for an opportunity like this!

Get Some Swag

We understand that it’s easier to give when you have some gear in hand. So, feel free to check out our gear and pick something up. Not only do proceeds go to support us, but you also get some swag!