The Art Gallery is Open!

The Art Gallery is Open

Written By:Tadd

April 7, 2021
Category: The Lab

As CubeLab Media continues to rebuild, rebrand, and just be .. better .. I’ve been looking through the archives of designs that I’ve made or made under CubeLab Media over the years. I realized, “Hey, some of this stuff is pretty dang cool …

Well, I think it’s worth displaying someplace anyway.

So, thusly, verily, whatever .. an art gallery has been added to this website to showcase some of these forgotten pieces.

The Art Gallery!

I have lovingly crafted these pieces from various software. Whether it be Blender, Photoshop, or Affinity Designer, you’ll find hopefully some interesting, and unusual, pieces within! With that in mind, I didn’t shy away from posting some terribly designed, or very cliche designs. If it’s one thing I’m not, it’s being ashamed of my past. 

See The Art Gallery

Peruse and enjoy!

I will be adding more designs in the coming days and weeks as I uncover, dust off, cringe a bit, and then post. It’s often a good exercise in humility to see where I started to where I am now. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes … well, I’ll leave the really poor designs to forgotten history!

What else is new?

Also, conversely, I’ve added more products in the store. Feel free to check that out also, and let me know what you think! I have a plan in place that will, with a little work and a lot of divine intervention, help me add much more to the store and other places. More on that in the future. While CubeLab Media has been around for a while, it’s still relatively new to the ‘scene’. I’m hoping this keeps me from making boneheaded mistakes in what I create, and where I post said creations!

Last, but not least, I used a lot of adverbs. Take that Stephen King, hater of adverbs! 

My Neighbor Totoro Tongue GIF

Nah, nah!

Just kidding, Mr. King. I appreciate you, your talents, and your insights. You’ve aided my writing in ways that I can never fathom, nor thank you for in a proper fashion. May your creepy stories creep us out for years and years. If you want to read an interesting book on writing, check out Stephen King’s “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” [affiliate link]. 

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