The Origins of CubeLab Media

It's not what you think.

It may be exactly what you think, but we'd rather not assume and give you a rundown of what we're all about anyway.

An Origin Story

In the mid-80s, a young asthmatic boy with dirt on his face and unkempt hair sat in his bedroom drawing stick figure ninjas while humming a random tune to himself. In this drafty old house, leaning against the warm radiator, the inkling of what was to come was formed.

"I should make stories! For a job!" he said, fist-pumping the air with enthusiasm born of a youthful nativity. He went back to his battle scene of two warring ninjutsu factions. What they were fighting about, who could know.

Naturally, Tadd didn’t know about things like the internet at that point. However, telling stories and making music was his passion, and he so wanted to create!

He went on to make music and write several short stories. He stumbled upon the dreaded "pay-to-publish" industry. Got some lovely advice from a few seasoned authors. 

Fast forward to the early 21st century. GreyHalo is formed. Stories are planned. Ideas are hatched. CubeLab Media was born.

But what is this?

Oh, we're so glad you asked!

CubeLab Media, let’s call it “CLM”, is an online multi-faceted media production entity. The sole purpose is to produce and release media of various kinds. Whether music, novels, comics, products, videos … whatever you can think of. Not as a service, but as a consumable.

AUDIO is in our DNA. It's part of who we are, how we work, and how we play. Whether it's writing music, or creating voices. Music of what CLM does revolves around sound.

STORIES are a core aspect of CLM. Whether it's a written novel or a comic book, stories can elevate and encourage generations. Beyond anything, a good story is the heart of CLM

VIDEO content is where we really shine. Where would be be without video game? Bored. Watching a campfire simmer to barely warm embers. We love games. And we love playing games.