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November 11, 2021
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I know, I know. If you’ve been around the lab for any amount of time, you’re probably thinking, “Didn’t you guys have a Ko-fi like .. eons ago?”

And the answer is, yes we did

TLDR; We’re going to use Ko-fi a lot more. Find us https://ko-fi.com/cubelabmedia

Here’s the thing. We’ve been slowly branching out at The Lab this year. From a new web series starring everyone’s favorite air genasi (Minecraft of Density, starring Rikkard Griffinheart) to re-designing our products over at Shop.CubeLabMedia.com to looking at future shows with other characters such as Tofi Thistletop and others. There are digital notepads upon digital notepads of ideas, pitches, lists, and more!

We want to build our community

Years ago, Thaddius Lord was part of a gaming group he co-ran with another gamer. It was a wonderful time, getting together with hundreds of other Call of Duty fans. Using forums and a chat called x-Fire (rest in peace) we created a community that blossomed around a love of games and friendship.

This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while. Build a new community of like-minded nerds. It’s obvious we need you for that! We can’t do anything without faithful friends coming alongside us, encouraging us, and helping us to grow and stay the course. We’ve been looking at how other creators and brands have utilized various platforms outside of social media to grow their friend base. Giving rewards to people who backed them, and just creating this ecosystem of camaraderie. 

One way to bring people in is to not just make them fans of the shows and product, but also give them stuff!

So we looked at ways to incorporate reward systems and perks. Lots of platforms out there. We even looked at building our own system within WordPress. However, after experimenting with a few other platforms, we decided that returning to Ko-fi will be in our best interest. 


Why Ko-fi?

We looked into other platforms like Patreon and others. And while Patreon is the big name in the creator community, there were a few things that we didn’t agree with. Ko-fi seemed to be the right choice for us going forward.

1. Perks

With Ko-fi, we can enjoy the same perks that a Patreon would give. We can build out tiered memberships. Tie it to fancy rewards. All that jazz. BUT, we can also set it so if someone wanted to drop a buck or two, you can. Which was big for us. We don’t want you to feel locked into a monthly whatever if you plan on supporting us.

2. Support Percent

With Ko-fi, they take 0% of your gifts to us. Also a big deal for us. What you give is what you get. So if you send us $3, we don’t get $2, we get all $3 precious dollars (for which we would humbly thank you). Ko-fi makes their money from creators if they get a Gold membership, which we hope to in the future. Their goal isn’t to scalp the small creators before they can start seeing growth. Which we appreciate.

3. Ko-fi Freebies

The other thing we’ll be offering, via our Ko-fi, is free (pay what you want) desktop wallpapers. Want to decorate your computer? Hit up our Ko-fi and snag one. Have a few bucks layin’ around? Feel free to throw it our way for some sweet backdrops.

Right now we have two wallpapers available on Ko-fi. We have more to come for not just your computers, but also for your mobile devices!

Many thanks

We really thank you for your support. Any time you watch a video, read a post, comment, or share, you’re supporting us in ways you can’t even imagine. We’re not just here beggin’ for money! Just being here is a huge deal. And we thank you so very much. 

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If you know what movie this scene is from, post it in the comments!

We look forward to growing in the next year. 2021 started pretty decently. It’s our hope that 2022 will pick up even more steam! We really hope you join us, follow us on various platforms, and become a life-long friend. CubeLab Media, The LabCast, and all of our shows, characters, and projects are only the beginning of what we hope to build in the next coming months. 

Until we see you again. Peace.

PS: We love coffee as well.

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