The Beautiful Catastrophe series.

This is a messy world, isn’t it?

Full of dangers.

Diseases and environmental tumult cause more and more chaos. War and persecution. Hate and violence.

However, we need to stop and realize that there is still beauty in all of this mess. Even in the catastrophe.

Welcome to the Beautiful Catastrophe series.

We created a design to represent the chaos of life. Messy, grungy, and dirty. This world is far from perfect, but it's the one we have. It's time we start appreciating the small details. From a foggy morning to a brilliantly colored sunset. The way an abandoned and crumbling building looks as a mist swirls around its ruined walls.

Beautiful Catastrophe

Beautiful Catastrophe

We are pleased to announce you can now get this design for your laptop, iPhone / Samsung phone, and mask. We have more products coming down the pipeline in the very near future!

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