We’re making a few changes to LabCast

We're making a few changes to LabCast

Written By:T.E. Mencer

February 18, 2022
Category: The Lab

Welcome to the State of the Lab Address! I’m about to make a few changes to CubeLab Media, and I wanted to let you know. It really doesn’t directly affect anyone, but it’s something that needs to be expressed before I do them so it doesn’t confuse anyone.

The LabCast History

In September of 2015, I started The LabCast. At the time, the plan was to record gameplay with a friend. Things didn’t work out, and I started to use it as the podcasting name. If anyone has ever tried to do a podcast, it’s not easy. Especially by yourself.

In 2019, I started to tentatively post my first gameplay videos. In my mind, it was rock star time. I love video games. That’s what I wanted to do, make games. Which is also hard. Like podcasting.

Fast forward about 46 videos later, the name “The LabCast” has lost a lot of meaning. Originally it was what I broadcast to the world from CubeLab. The name sounded great. But, with all the changes to what it was. and how many times I re-imagined what The LabCast would do/be, it’s just felt diluted.

A few changes

So I decided it was time for a change. This isn’t an arbitrary change for the sake of changing things. This is me trying to make CubeLab Media better for everyone. Myself, the crew, and you the viewers.

The first change is: The LabCast is going away.

Wait wait, no not like that. The LabCast, as I stated, has changed so often over the years it really started to feel stale. As I started seeing more subscribers to the YouTube channel, I decided if I was going to do any major changes, now would be the best time.

Introducing, CubeLab Gaming!

I’m really excited to consolidate the naming convention into something that reflects both CubeLab Media, as well as the gaming spirit of the YouTube channel. The channel itself is NOT going away. In fact, I’m doubling down on videos in 2022 and I’m really hoping to be once again releasing a video a week at least. Hopefully, if things go well, I can do more.

What doe that mean for the Rikkard series?

Well. It really means nothing, actually. Minecraft of Density will be taking a short break and hopefully, you’ll enjoy the next series I release, as well as other bits and bobs I hope and plan on doing through the year.


As Minecraft of Density closes the book on Season One, I’d like to implement the new name and branding within the next week or two. At the very latest, the beginning of March. Before the start of the next series, I will have changed all the branding to match.

I’m really excited to shift into this new focus! It’s always been important to have a solid brand strategy, and this is an area that I’ve failed miserably in the past. However, I’ve been working hard as CubeLab Media is growing. And while the changes are not major changes, they focus more on what I really love.

Stay tuned. Lots more to come!


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