What’s Coming in 2021?

What's Coming in 2021

Written By:T.E. Mencer

February 4, 2021
Category: The Lab

Ah yes! A new year! I know a lot of people sighed with relief as the old, half-burned, calendar of 2020 was removed from the walls (you all still use those, right?) and the new fresh calendar for 2021 was placed square on its nail!

But then things happened in January and people started to fear that maybe 2020 wasn’t going to let go that easy. Political tensions at an all-time high. Both sides of the hierarchy started drawing very defined lines in the sand. And lawsuits and threats get flung like necklaces at Mardi Gras. 

A rare picture of 2020 showing 2021 around the workplace meme

But here is CubeLab Media. Sitting back, shaking our collective heads. We just want to make fun stuff, folks. Not get stuck listening to the powers-that-be squabbling over the table scraps of their dignity. 

So what does CubeLab Media have in store for this year?

Well, to start, GreyHalo will be releasing the single “Until They Rise” on February 5. It should be available wherever you get your digital goodies. Keep an eye out at the various socials.

The LabCast will be recording new material very soon. If you’ve not listened to the last broadcast, you’ll find that it will be under “new management”. Our dear friends, Rikkard and Tofu, will be compiling a sort of maniacal menagerie of things. Yeah, we’re a bit nervous too.

Samurai Owl will be releasing his first book this year. We’re still in the editing phase, but we’ll start giving sneak peeks as we get closer, including the title and cover. He is also releasing MORE MUSIC. 

Finally, we know this website has been a mess. No real coherency. That will hopefully be changing as we’re defining who we actually are. Which is hard to do. The last year has taught us, as it has so many others, that we really have no idea who we are. And in the midst of turmoil, that’s where you start realizing what really matters. Hopefully, as 2021 chills out and stops thinking it needs to scream as loud as 2020, we can emerge something better. 

For those who have been watching the lab for a while, we love you. Sincerely are grateful for being around and encouraging us. Whether in our music, stories, designs, or just face-to-face. You know who you are. And so do we. 

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