Who did CubeLab Media vote for?

who did cubelab media vote for

Written By:Tadd

November 10, 2020
Category: The Lab

This election has been fraught with so much discord and spite. We’ve seen President Trump vs Joe Biden debate on television. We’ve seen news media spin it one way and then the other. We’ve all seen the memes, the Bad Lip Reading videos.

During this tumult, we received several emails from people asking us who CubeLab Media supports. A few pointed out how this celebrity is supporting this candidate and this company is backing this candidate.

So who did we support?

I’ll be blunt. We won’t tell you. We didn’t tell you during the debates. We didn’t tell you during the process.


Because it’s not our job to tell you who you should have voted for. It’s not out place to cause any drama.

We firmly believe that whoever is president is the President of the United States. Regardless of if we voted for the person or not. And while recounts should happen if there are doubts, we need to understand whoever wins is the President.

We don’t know for sure who is going to be the President of the United States come January 2021. From what it looks like, Joe Biden has won. It will go through the usual appeals and processes. Then we the people will learn who we will call Mr. President.

Who regardless who wins, this is going to be our mantra:
Not my choice.
Still my President.

CubeLab Media’s stance is, we’re here to be a positive influence. Help be part of a better United States of America. Not cause further division.

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