Why is the GreyHalo store missing?!

GreyHalo Teespring store missing

Written By:Tadd

March 26, 2021
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Well, this is a little embarrassing and frustrating to us.

A while ago, we announced that GreyHalo had announced an “official merch store” through a 3rd party vendor. It was an exciting time! We had shirts and masks and stuff! Wooo merchandising!

But then something happened. We went to log into the store to add more products, and our store with that vendor disappeared. 

GreyHalo store missing?! We're really disappointed.

We’re really disappointed.

We don’t know what happened. No one over there knows what happened. It’s a mystery.

So, because of that, we’re going to sell Official GreyHalo Merchandise through the CubeLab Store!

This is actually a blessing in disguise. It allows us to revamp the merchandise with better designs and more options. Our new printer is amazing and we’re really excited to add more and more products. Not just from Greyhalo – but also from Samurai Owl, Thaddius Lord, and more!

While this does open up a VAST amount of more opportunities, it also slows down our growth and puts a snafu on other plans. In the end, it will be good. We know it will. We have a lot of plans, and a lot of design ideas ready to rock. It will just take time.

Sorry if you had planned on getting something from that .. other store. We’re getting things back up to snuff. Please, be patient.

And if you have any ideas for products you’d love to see, let us know in the comments! I can’t promise we’ll give you that fancy yellow and red tuxedo, but you can always ask!

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