We're CubeLab Media.

Built in the mind of a singular madman, [CLM] is a box of boxes inside a sphere, surrounded by a cage. Because everything we do is tongue-in-cheek. Which, saying that, is kind of gross. Who says that phrase?

Storytellers At Art

We tell as many stories in different mediums as possible. Sometimes visually. Look back at designs that have been created and wonder what we were thinking!

We Make What We Like.

Let it be known that we make stuff that we, ourselves, would enjoy seeing. Our designs are not based on “popular trends” but on our own imagination, weird sense of humor, and offbeat designs.

CubeLab Media is a family-friendly content creator and multimedia group.

Blabs and Blogs

We tend to over inflate our importance by posting new blog posts. We call them “Blabs”, because really, it’s just us blabbing about whatever new and fun stuff we thing we need to inform you good folks about. Read on, oh curious ones.

Gaming Geeks

Come join our YouTube channel, LabCast, to watch our latest Minecraft, Terraria, or Roblox gaming videos. This is our most updated hub, so come on over and join the adventures!

christian wiediger NmGzVG5Wsg8 unsplash • Family-friendly content creators & multimedia group
The Art Gallery is Open

Art Oddities

We love designing artwork that makes us go “oh, that’s kind of cool”. We post it on here, and sometimes on different products. We also have created artwork for our musical endeavors, and even just for the heck of it. 

Our products, our way!

Our goal is to release new, fun, and unique products and designs.

Never satisfied with the status quo, CubeLab Media and our sugar-laced design team (mostly just Tadd) is hard at work pulling art from his left ear, tossing it on a computer, and making fancy, fancy stuff!


We love t-shirts because anything else is not a t-shirt. So we make our own designs and plaster them all over. And so can you!


This world needs more mugs to hold more coffee so we can play more games.
Get a mug, ya mug!

Laptop Sleeves

Protect your super computer from damage with one of our custom designed laptop sleeves. They’re the snazziest!

A whole new world!

We love creating so many custom designs for t-shirts, mugs, laptop sleeves, masks, hats, sweaters and hoodies, and so much more – we had to create a separate site to hold it all!